“A People Person for the Peoples’ Court”

Judge Yvonne Williams Democrat

for Justice of the Peace Pct. 1

A People Person for the Peoples’ Court”

Compassion. Experience. Leadership.


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Yvonne M. Williams has been a municipal court judge since 2006. She has been a practicing lawyer since 1982. She received her law degree from the University of Houston Law School in Houston and practiced in the Houston-Galveston area Through out the 1980's in civil rights law representing plaintiffs in discrimination lawsuits and South African anti-apartheid civil disobedience actions.

Yvonne relocated to the Austin area and clerked for then Court of Criminal Appeals Justice Morris Overstreet. For several years Ms. Williams traveled the state as a hearings officer with the Texas Workers Compensation Commission before representing the agency in Austin on its medical dispute resolution cases.

In October 2006, Ms. Williams was appointed by the Austin City Council to become an Associate Municipal Court Judge and serves as the city's first overnight magistrate in the county central booking where she has been the past 3 years.

In the community Ms. Williams belongs to the Greater Calvary Bible Church, and has been a karate instructor for youth at the City of Austin's Dottie Jordan Community center for several years. She is an adjunct instructor at the Austin Community college where she teaches legal writing. She has proudly raised a son and two nieces.

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